P. 6

       Результати проведених у дисертаційній роботі досліджень були
використані для діагностування механічних вузлів локомотивів на ПрАТ
“Львівський локомотиворемонтний завод”.
       Ключові слова: залишковий ресурс, втомна тріщина, вісь колісної пари,
залізнична рейки, бандаж колеса електровоза, метод скінчених елементів.

       Kanyuk Yu. I. Residual lifetime diagnostics of wheelset elements and rail. –
       The thesis is submitted for Ph.D. degree in technical sciences, speciality
05.02.10 – diagnostics of materials and constructions (132 – Materials Science). –
Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of
Ukraine, Lviv, 2018.
       The research conducted in the dissertation is devoted to the development of
new calculation methods for residual life estimation of wheelset elements and rail
based on modern approaches of fracture mechanics.
       Reliability and safe operation of mechanical elements of rail transport is an
important and relevant scientific and technical issue, since high-loaded units and
elements of its chassis are exposed to prolonged operation and their failure can lead
to damage with catastrophic consequences. To prevent possible failure of such
objects, there is a necessity of reliable forecasting of their residual life. Consequently,
the aim of the dissertation is to present theoretical and experimental models for
calculating the period of fatigue cracks initiation and growth kinetics in the
mechanical elements of rail transport and to develop residual life estimation
methodology of the wheelset elements and rail based on energy approach of fracture
       Based on calculation model of the sharp tip defect initiation near the smooth
concentrator of mechanical stress, which is formulated in the dissertation, for the first
time the calculation of the period of fatigue crack initiation at the top of the
microdefect on the wheelset axle is conducted. It is presented that smooth
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